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damn your love, damn your lies: a 70s/dofp cherik mix

fleetwood mac - the chain [1977] // toto - hold the line [1998] // gladys knight & the pips - i’ve got to use my imagination [1973] // jim croce - time in a bottle [1972] // fleetwood mac - dreams [1977] // carly simon - you’re so vain [1972] // carole king - it’s too late [1971] // pink floyd - wish you were here [1975]

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W I S H Y O U W E R E H E R E - a cherik fanmix with many mentions of drugs and angst

1. the drugs don' work - THE VERVE (Charles)
2. medicine - DAUGHTER (Erik)
3. graceless - THE NATIONAL (Charles)
4. love is a laserquest - ARCTIC MONKEYS (Erik)
5. i should live in salt - THE NATIONAL (Charles)
6. off on the next exit - BEADY EYE (Erik)
7. the conversation - MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK (Charles)
8. evil eye - BEADY EYE (Erik)
9. untitled track - OASIS
10. wish you were here - PINK FLOYD (Charles and Erik)

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Thank you very much for your patience. We’re very happy to be able to release part 1 of our Q&A with Claire Pritchard-Jones, which was filmed during Baker Street Vienna 2014.

As requested by Claire we’ve removed some details and we now have her permission to post this video online. We’ll release the next part in aprox. 1 week.

Enjoy it!


Vielen Dank für Eure Geduld! Es freut uns sehr den ersten Teil unseres Q & A mit Claire Pritchard Jones von der Baker Street Vienna 2014 online zu stellen.

Wir haben auf Wunsch von Claire einige Details entfernt und nun Ihre Erlaubnis das Video zu veröffentlichen. Die weiteren Teile folgen nun in Abständen von ca. 1 Woche.

Viel Spaß damit!

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